Software Security

Organizations are investing heavily in the digitization of organizational and business processes since it presents new possibilities and advantages. But using more software also introduces a greater attack surface for adversaries.

Software can never be expected to be flawless and without security vulnerabilities. Security risks are introduced by design and architectural choices made early in the software lifecycle, or by human errors when programming the software. Therefore it is critical that organizations keep software security in mind throughout the software lifecycle.

If you are looking for ways to improve your software security, experienced Seadot consultants can help you out.

Secure Development Life Cycle

The pace to produce software has never been higher. At the same time the cyber threat has never been greater. Organizations must address both challenges to stay competitive. A Secure Development Life Cycle is the best way to achieve both.

Penetration Testing

An effective way to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in you systems and applications before your adversaries do, is to perform penetration testing on them. Either by performing it at a point in time or as part of your release cycle.

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