Security Information & Event Management

Security information and event management (SIEM) technology in essence has two parts, the Security Information Management (SIM) where the information like the logs is collected and the Security Event Management (SEM), where the logs are analyzed and categorized for severity.

SIEM solutions need data from multiple sources as part of data aggregation, moving data into a single place.  The data collected are a series of recorded events, providing a history of activity. Once the SIEM system has the data, it uses a process to analyze the events and categorize the events based on the severity.

In organizations with a Security Operations Center (SOC), SIEM technology is vital to effectively identify and analyze security events. Most of the information the SOC relies for security analysis, is assessed using automated systems, capable of filtering and flagging the most serious security events. This allows the SOC analysts to be able to quickly deal with security incidents with higher priority very quickly, instead of having to manually scan through security events and determine the priorities.

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