IT Security

Most organizations of the 2020s have digital presence and many build their business entirely on digital channels. With the digital approach, comes the need to manage the IT security risks.

IT security operations is focused on keeping its information confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). It does so working with preventive measures like network-, endpoint- and application security. But it must also have a capacity to manage security incidents when they occur. And to learn from the incidents and improve.

As such, IT security operations can never sleep. It must always analyze its weaknesses, foresee that attackers next move and continuously work on improving defenses and response tactics. And it must do so in an environment with complexity never seen before. Access from anywhere with IT infrastructure spread out on-premise and in cloud services.

Seadot Cybersecurity consultants have the experience needed to help architect, build and manage IT security operations. Give us a call for a discussion on your needs.

IT Security Guidelines

An important part of the security program is to implement good security guidelines. Without them an organization will never reach consistency in how it performs its tasks. Without consistency there will be more human errors with lower security as a result.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing offers opportunities like IT has never done before. But cloud computing also poses new challenges for security. With no clear perimiter, operations not on-premise, data more scattered than before. Security organizations must adapt to the new reality.

Security Information & Event Management

As IT enviroments grow in size and complexity it becomes virtually impossible to manually monitor for security incidents. SIEM tools are a good way to collect all relevant information in the environment and trigger security events to be analyzed further in real time.

Identity & Access Management

Managing user identities has always been important. Identity management in modern system environments have never been this complex. We help organizations simplify and take control over user identities using best practices and efficient tools.

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