Information Security Management

Information security has grown more and more important over the years and is today critical for every organization.  Proprietary, confidential, sensitive, and intellectual data and information are all recognized as valuable assets that require protection from internal and external threats. If information is breached, stolen, or mishandled, it can cause personal harm to an individual, impact the business, it’s reputation, and result in extensive financial damages.

Information security management helps organizations stay on top of threats and vulnerabilities, minimize and mitigate risk, and ensure business continuity. With the rise of cybersecurity risks, and with information becoming more digitized and accessible, information security management has become even more important.

Seadot Cybersecurity has extensive experience in the field of information security and can help organizations with the challenges they are facing. Our experienced consultants can help you out with your challenges.

Security Frameworks

It is important for organizations to use a security framework in order to develop and maintain a solid defense. There are numerous frameworks available that can be used by organizations in different industries and geographies.

Information Security Management System

We offer senior information security consultants. Our consultants have extensive experience in implementation of Information Security Management Systems – ISMS, as well as risk analysis and governance.

Security Information & Event Management

As IT environments grow in size and complexity it becomes virtually impossible to manually monitor for security incidents. SIEM tools are a good way to collect all relevant information in the environment and trigger security events to be analyzed further in real time.

Identity and Access Management

Managing user identities has always been important. Identity management in modern system environments have never been this complex. We help organizations simplify and take control over user identities using best practices and efficient tools.

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