Cybersecurity Compliance

Compliance regulations provide directives for safeguarding their data and IT systems, and for addressing existing privacy and security concerns. Also, compliance regulations ensure that companies fulfill their obligations to prevent incidents caused by negligence or insufficient implementation of security programs.

Most regulations drive organizations to secure their systems through the implementation of a variety of basic security measures. These could be measures such as firewalls, risk assessments, data encryption, and training employees on secure use and handling of sensitive information. Organizations should demonstrate they not only understand regulations, but they also implement and maintain them accordingly.

Maintaining compliance with multiple regulations tend to be a complex task for most organizations. Seadot Cybersecurity has extensive experience in cybersecurity compliance and making sure that compliance initiatives work hand in hand with security efforts. We are all ears if you give us a call.

Internal Audit

Internal audit provides an organization with an independent review of the security function. If used properly it will give the board valuable information to address the diverse risk it means when operating in a digital world.

Security Frameworks

It is important for organizations to use a security framwork in order to develop and maintain a solid defense. There are numerous framworks available that can be used by organizations in different industries and geographies.

Regulatory Compliance

Today many organizations must manage regulatory compliance one way or the other. And the trend is that more regulation to comply with can be expected. Therefore organizations should adress compliance with a structured program to be efficient and to draw as many benefits as possible when doing the work.

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