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Most organizations of the 2020s strive to digitize and automate their operations to innovate and optimize. Every aspect of the digital organization has important cybersecurity implications. As organizations seek to innovate and create more digital customer experiences, they must also assess and manage the security risks.

Seadot Cybersecurity has the experience and expertise to help organizations in their efforts to successfully manage risk. Hand in hand with the rapid digitization and technology transformation, comes a rapid increase in advanced cyber security threats. No organization is immune.

Seadot can help organizations utilize the digitization to their advantage, and managing the risks that security threats impose. Only when security is managed well will an organization be able to truly thrive in the world of today.

Let Seadot Cybersecurity be your digital enabler!

Information Security ManagementCreate a systematic approach to security

Information security has grown more and more important over the years and is today critical for every organization.  Proprietary, confidential, sensitive, and intellectual data and information are all recognized as valuable assets that require protection from internal and external threats. If information is breached, stolen, or mishandled, it can cause personal harm to an individual, impact the ability  the business, it’s reputation, and result in extensive financial damages.

Software SecurityEnsure safe and secure software

No software can ever be expected to be without security vulnerabilities. Either by poor design and architectural choices made early in the software lifecycle, or by human errors when programming the software. And additionally, what was not a security flaw yesterday can become a security flaw today by hackers obtaining more sophisticated tools, libraries used in software all of a sudden containing a new vulnerability, … and the list goes on.

IT Security OperationsRun your IT with security in mind

Most organizations of the 2020s have a digital presence and many build their business entirely on digital channels. With the digital approach comes the need to manage the IT security risks. Enter IT security operations.

Cybersecurity complianceMake the most of compliance

Compliance regulations provide organizations with directives for safeguarding their data and IT systems, and for addressing existing privacy and security concerns. Also, compliance regulations ensure that companies fulfill their obligations to prevent incidents caused by negligence or the implementation of insufficient security programs.


2021.02.02MSB publicerar incidenter hos myndigheter 2020

Under 2020 mottog MSB 286 rapporter om IT-incidenter från statliga myndigheter som man nu summerar och publicerar. Vanligaste incidenterna är pga handhavandefel och angrepp.

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2020.12.28Seadot medlemmar i Cybernode

Seadot har blivit antagna som nya medlemmar i den svenska innovationsnoden för cybersäkerhet som drivs av RISE. Vi hoppas kunna bidra med vår kompetens inom cybersäkerhet för att skapa...

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Information Security Management System

We offer senior information security consultants. Our consultants have extensive experience in implementation of Information Security Management Systems – ISMS, as well as risk analysis and governance.

Penetration Testing

An effective way to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in you systems and applications before your adversaries do, is to perform penetration testing on them. Either by performing it at a point in time or as part of your release cycle.

Security Information & Event Management

As IT environments grow in size and complexity it becomes virtually impossible to manually monitor for security incidents. SIEM tools are a good way to collect all relevant information in the environment and trigger security events to be analyzed further in real time.

Regulatory Compliance

Today many organizations must manage regulatory compliance one way or the other. And the trend is that more regulation to comply with can be expected. Therefore organizations should address compliance with a structured program to be efficient and to draw as many benefits as possible when doing the work.