Digital Identity

Managing digital identities effectively and securely in a connected world

Identity Management

Managing user identities has always been important. Identity management in modern system environments have never been this complex. We help organizations simplify and take control over user identities using best practices and efficient tools.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged user accounts are a must to manage securely and operate any IT environment. Privileged user accounts pose a big risk due to their escalated administrative privileges. We help organizations manage privileged accounts effectively and securely.

Autorization Solutions

Systems need to make authorization decisions based on relevant policies, rules and data. What is relevant can vary from simple to very complex contexts. We help organizations identify, implement and govern authorization solutions suited to their needs.

Identity Assurance

Federated identity management solutions need established assurance and trust for relying parties. Seadot has knowledge on established trust frameworks and standards. We are Kantara Accredited Assessors and are approved to audit identity solutions against established criteria.
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